Nobile Continental Safety Pen

Nobile Continental Safety Pen
Product no.: AD52
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Nobile continental safety pen in 18Kt Rolled Gold in Excellent Condition. This little gem has a tasteful filigree band on the cap, some fancy engraving on the clip and engine turning on the cap and barrel. For those not familiar with safety pens, the nib extends from out of the barrel by twisting the hard rubber knob on the bottom of the barrel. When I bought this pen, it was in an Italian Waterman box, but I've been told by a reliable source that the pen is not a Waterman pen that has been modified.

Model: Nobile Continental Safety
Circa: ?
Condition: Excellent
Nib: Stamped "Nobile". Missing iridium
Imprint: Strong-marked Nobile 18KR
Length Capped: 4 5/16"