A Fountain Pen Hospital in Baltimore?

Yes, there was a Fountain Pen Hospital in Baltimore in the 1940s and 1950s. It was owned and operated by Edward Jenkins and was located on Fayette Street. At that location, he offered fountain pen repairs and retailed pens that bore his name.  Jenkins was best known for his large hard rubber safety pens that he marketed primarily to artists  He was also known for his lever filling pens.   In addition, he replaced broken nibs on customers' pens with his own, which were stamped with a cross and the name "Jenkins, Baltimore".  When he died, his parts and inventory were sold to Fahrney's in DC.

I am always interested in purchasing Jenkins pens and ephemera.

Below are pictures of one of his business cards, an example of a "Jenkins" nib, the brass plaque that sat on the counter in his shop, and an example of one of his lever filling pens.

Photo Gallery: A Fountain Pen Hospital in Baltimore?

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